Looking for some inspiration for your home? We want to help your luxury Sydney home builders with these ideas. This is the perfect place to gather some ideas for your dream home.

Here are 11 best celebrity homes:

Jason Statham’s Malibu Beach House

It was the ocean and the nature that made a big impact on Statham to purchase Malibu property. Statham bought an old surfing house and rebuilt it into a cozy, chic, and serene place. He opted for a comfortable and practical beach house that shows his character.

Charli XCX’s Retro Manse

The English-born singer moved from London to L.A. in 2015. The retro manse is a Tudor-influenced with the details of dark-wood beams and diamond-shaped windows. Its interiors are bohemian and multicoloured. The furniture came from secondary sources.

Liv Tyler’s Townhouse

Tyler bought the building in 2001 and turned it to a dreamy four-story residence. She worked with Ben Petreath, who was with Fairfax and Sammons during that time. They remade the house and brought it back to its original glory. They preserved the stairs, carvings, and railings.

Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman’s Country Home

The couple fell in love with a picturesque property in terms of a love affair. The architecture of the house was a combination of romance and great design. They maintained the houses’ sweetness and added new colours, furnishings and texture that would reflect Anne and Adam.

Delevingne Sisters’ Playful Retreat

The sunny L.A. became the Stateside hideaway of the Delevingne sisters. The house is full of humour with idiosyncratic style. Inside, a playboy pinball machine, a stripper pole, and a bar like Gilligan’s Island.

The Clinton’s Neo-Georgian Residence

Their home is dubbed as “Whitehaven” because it is nestled in the Whitehaven Street in Massachusetts Avenue. The historic house required an extensive renovation – the Clintons mandate for more light and physical space for sitting and relaxing. The property shows a conservatory living area that extends from the back to the original footprint.

Jessica Alba’s Haven in L.A.

The Alba’s residence is a family zone. They opted for a place with more space and a big backyard where they can watch their kids play. They went for organic materials, natural fibres and fabrics, and reclaimed wood.

Seth Meyer’s Manhattan Duplex

The Meyers transformed the 3,200-square-foot space into a flowing space. The rooms are bathed in light, and furnishings are split-backed oak dining chairs, oak-burl console, and a pendant lighting in cinched amber silk.

Kylie Jenner’s Hidden Hills Home

The reality-television star wanted a fresh, and fun vibe feels of the home. Colour is essential, and pink is her favourite. Functional rooms like closets and glam room were at the top of the agenda.

Lee Daniels’s Minimalist House

Daniels looked for a house where he would be able to furnish it. For him, the more minimal, the better. The house has a soothing palette – charcoal, white, black, and wood. It was all to maintain the home.

Shonda Rhimes’s L.A. Home

At first, she thought it was an ugly house. But then she saw a good story. Bill Baldwin, an architect of HartmanBaldwin, helped her create a home with classic California’s feels. Plus, she got a bigger kitchen where she can spread out in and relax.

These celebrity houses inspire people to be creative, create a home with character, and build a family of love.